Welcome to the Service Business Masterclass

Learn how to


Build a digital service-based business

that you can run from anywhere in the world


Hire a team of professionals

to do the work, so you can OWN the business, instead of working IN the business


Automate the lead generation and follow up process

so you can maintain a steady flow of new and existing clients


What makes us different?


Other programs give you a business

and let you figure out how to build the foundational structure, hire the team and get customers.


We’re the opposite.

We teach you to build the structure, hire and train the team, and get the customers on autopilot.


20+ Classes

From the masters

2+ hours

Average per class

500 businesses

As potential customers


to reach customers


Answers directly from experts


Grow fast international


Masterclass Content + Bonuses Valued at Over $36k

What You Will Learn...

Introduction ( 3 hours | $1800 Value )

What it is all about? Who is it for? Do you need prior knowledge? How to find a good niche? (Google Ads) How much will the business cost me? What are the benefits? What are the disadvantages? What are the risks? Real-life Case Study (Zappos)

Market Research ( 3 hours | 4 Templates | $1900 Value )

Build the most important document of your business Build a Business Canvas How to find what will make you different? Build the strategy for your business Defining the mission of the business Building a business model Reviewing possible business models Practical competitor analysis

Building the brand ( 3 hours | 1 Templates | $2200 Value )

Brand design Practical explanation on how to choose winning characteristics What's the story of the new brand? How to choose the name for your brand? Build a memorable logo! What is our purple cow?

Building a STRONG presence online ( 3 hours | 1 Templates | $1950 Value )

PRO guidance on building and designing the website A practical step in building a website Alternatives to building a professional and impressive website Professional email address for the new business Review of social media appropriate to the brand How to show an impressive presence from networks quickly How to build an impressive catalog

Pricing ( 2.5 hours | 1 Templates | $1350 Value )

What to consider when pricing the product? How to price the product correctly? What expenses are involved in each project? A template for winning price proposal Why not sell cheap?

Payments ( 3 hours | 2 Templates | $1550 Value )

How are payments collected from customers? How are payments collected from international customers? What to prepare before the payments? In which model to collect the payments? How to minimize risks with customers who may not pay? How to draft contract to send to your customer?

Account Management and Invoices ( 2 hours | 1 Template | $1750 Value )

How do I manage my invoices? Where to manage invoices? Where to manage expenses? Accounting (tax and VAT payments) How to decrease expenses on accounting?

How do you get customers? ( 3 hours | 3 Template | $2350 Value )

Building a one-page marketing plan How to collaborate with opinion leaders? Initiated contact with potential customers on social media Contacting potential customers via e-mail (Bonus!) Software that will help you reach thousands of customers at record speed

Software to get hundreds of customers ( 3 hours | 10 Template | $1550 Value )

How do you contact hundreds of customers? What is important to know before you start? How to do it right? What to write to potential customers? How to get them to answer you? How to close the deal?

How to sell? ( 3 hours | $1950 Value )

Winning tips about sales What should we avoid when selling our product? How to increase sales? What to say when selling your product? What to avoid?

Finding Suppliers and Freelancers ( 2.5 hours | $1650 Value )

Where to find vendors and freelancers to work with? How to interview a freelancer? How can the freelancer's costs be reduced? How to avoid problems with freelancers? Template to contract with the freelancer

Customer and Project Management ( 3 hours | 2 Templates | $2150 Value )

How to manage customers orders? Tools that help manage your project easily Automation in project management

Customer Retention ( 2.5 hours | $1450 Value )

What is important to do to retain the customer? How to talk to the customer to get better? How to keep a high percentage of retention? How to collect feedbacks and improve?

Business Automation ( 2 hours | $1550 Value )

How to automate your business? Find business partners to automate your business Freelancers for business management Software that will make your life easier

Scale the Business ( 3 hours | $2350 Value )

How can you expand abroad? How do you start selling in other countries? How to contact customers from abroad? How to increase the number of customers 10X?

Sale on Additional Channels ( 3 hours | $1800 Value )

In what other channels can my products be sold? How to get your customers to sell your product for you?

Prepare for an EXIT?! ( 2 hours | $2500 Value )

How to sell your business and when?

Bonus ($6,900 Value)

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Facebook Ads PRO
Google Ads PRO
LinkedIn Ads PRO
500 potential customers

Results that Matter

The course is designed to learn as you go, so you can start building your new business immediately as you are taking the course Access our private Facebook group for questions and follow up with your instructors anytime!

We are committed to your success!

To us, success means you leave the course with a business and some customers ready to take orders.



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Daniel Shnaider

Owner of service-based biz (www.ferriss.co)

6 Years Amazon seller

3 Academic Degrees

Tech Entrepreneur (3 startups)

Former military officer


The Schedule and Course Delivery

We’ll be recording live with our first class of a maximum 60 students starting April 18th.


Each live session will be recorded and all students will have access to the replays


Remember the course is designed for your to build your new business as you go through it.

So let’s do this!


April 18th



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